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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do Systems Consulting dealers stock your rebuilt units?
        Many of the Systems Consulting products are in stock at most dealers.

    2. Does Systems Consulting modify any fuel injection units for increased performance?
        Systems Consulting does not modify nor does it setup any OEM unit for increased
        performance that it stocks in inventory, e.g. 911 DME rebuilt. If a unit is sent in for
        rebuilding and the unit has a special chip, that chip will not be changed nor modified.

    3. What is the standard turn-around time for a rebuilt unit?
         The typical turn-around time is one day.

    4. Can customers request that their original unit be rebuilt and returned?
        Rebuilding of the customer's original unit can be done, but this may require an
         additional day of turn-around.

    5. Does Systems Consulting remove or replace the original OEM product part number?
        All rebuilt units retain their original part number. If the customer provides a unit for
        rebuilding which does not have the original part number, the part number on the unit
        will not be changed. Also, the original unit is not painted nor sandblasted.

     6. Is a new control unit better than a rebuilt control unit?
        No, this is not necessarily true. If the new unit has not been redesigned to correct for the
        failure mode, the new unit is just as likely to fail as the original unit. Next, electronic
        systems don't generally fail with increasing time as do mechanical systems. This results
        from the fact that electronic systems exhibit an infant mortality failure, which means that
       most electronic system failures will occur in the initial time period of usage. Thus, a new
       control unit will go thru this initial failure time period during which failures may occur.

    7. Why do dealer prices vary?
        Systems Consulting does not set dealer prices. Dealers set their own prices.

    8. Does Systems Consulting modify climate control units for increased reliability?
        As with all control units, modifications are made where necessary to eliminate potential
        future problems and thereby increase the reliability.

    9. Can most control units be rebuilt?
        Most control units can be rebuilt unless they are severely damaged either mechanically
        or by fire/water. Additionally, units that are filled with a compound, e.g. silicone/epoxy,
        can't be rebuilt.

  10. Is it better to upgrade an ignition unit or a fuel injection system to "newer" technology to gain
        a performance increase versus rebuilding the original unit?
        Replacing the original ignition unit or fuel injection system will generally provide little
        to no performance increase without major changes to the engine and may require
        significant modifications and development efforts, e.g. dynamometer testing.


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