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    The exchange cores must be in rebuild-able conditions, i.e. no fire/water damaged units, no smashed
    cases/housings, nor any drilled/modified units will be acceptable as cores. Cores must be received
    and evaluated prior to shipment of any in stock units or a minimum core charge of $150.00 will apply
    to the order.

    Systems Consulting will notify the customer upon receipt of the core, if the core is unacceptable.
    Unacceptable cores will be returned to the customer, if requested, at no charge to the customer.
    If requested, Systems Consulting will notify the customer of a failure analysis of the core, i.e. if
    the customer requested a testing of the core prior to shipment of an exchange unit.

    When shipping cores, always properly package the cores so that the cores do not move when the
    shipping container is shaken. Multiple packaged cores should be wrapped individually within the
    container so they don't directly contact each other when the container is shaken. Also, avoid
    having the cores positioned next to the edge of the container without any packaging material in
    between. Do not use inflatable packing (air bubbles) which allow the shipped items to move
    in the shipping package causing possible damage to the shipped core/cores.


    The warranty for all Systems Consulting products is five years from the date of purchase. Products
    returned for warranty will be repaired if possible. When a product is replaced the result of a warranty
    claim, a new three year warranty commences from the ship date of the replaced product. Systems
    Consulting warrants solely for the repair or exchange of the warranty unit. No warranty is provided
    for units which are improperly used. Furthermore, no other warranties are expressed or implied.

   Shipping Units

    Please contact us via phone or email to obtain a SMA (ship material authorization) prior to shipping
    any units to us for rebuilding or testing. The SMA must include; the vehicle model & year, the ECU
    part number, and a brief description of the problem. Systems Consulting assumes no liability for
    unauthorized shipments, and thus cores shipped without a SMA are shipped at the owner's own risk.
    Please use UPS as the preferred carrier for domestic shipments and DHL for international shipments.
    Shipments via FedEx Ground will not be accepted without prior approval. Please avoid using USPS.
    All shipments require a prior email notification with a tracking number. We don't accept
    shipments from outside the United States. Shipments requiring a receipt signature result in an
    additional three days of processing time.


    All returns must have a prior approval, i.e. a RMA (return material authorization), provided by
    Systems Consulting before any returned unit will be accepted for replacement. Upon receipt of the
    the unit, Systems Consulting will test and evaluate the returned unit and notify the customer of
    results. The customer may then request; return of the same unit if the unit tested OK, or another
    unit if the unit failed testing. No credit or replacement of units will be made if it is determined that
    the unit was damaged by the customer, e.g. by an improper installation/bad wiring, or the result of
    improper vehicle testing.

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