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   Our Objective

    Systems Consulting's business objective is to provide high quality and cost-effective rebuilt
    automotive electronic control units (ECUs) to the automotive market thru direct sales and
    our dealer network. Furthermore, we are committed to superior service to our dealers and

   Our Background

    Systems Consulting was formed in 1985 as an electronic engineering consulting company
    specializing in Porsche cars. Initial products included Bosch CDI units, D-Jetronic injection
    units, & Bosch electronic relays. Later, Bosch CIS & Motronic control units were included,
    e.g. Porsche & BMW fuel injection ECMs (DME repair). We also specialize in hard to find
    Porsche parts such as MFI (mechanical fuel injection) & RPM transducers (speed relays).

    The business was further expanded to include BMW and Mercedes Benz electronics.
    The product types were also broaden to include instrument clusters, idle units, cruise control units,
    and climate control units. Presently, Systems Consulting repairs and inventories over 100 product
    types for just Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. We specialize in Porsche DME units
    (911 DME units) and BMW Motronic units. The business is divided between standard products
    and special order rebuilding.

    In the last five years, our business has expanded to include Asian automotive electronics, mainly
    fuel injection control units. Also, as the automotive electronics have become more complex, our
    customers have requested unit testing to help analyze automotive electronic problems. Special unit
    testing has minimized the incorrect replacement of costly ECUs for our customers, which is
    a standard procedure prior to rebuilding.

   Our Location

    Systems Consulting is located in Southern California near the majority of its dealers. We have been
    at the same location supporting end-customers worldwide since Systems Consulting began in 1985.
    At our location, we stock most commonly needed ECUs providing a quick turn-around if required.

    Our Rebuilding Process

    Customers are initially provided an estimate for testing and/or a cost for rebuilding. Based on these
    estimates, customers can determine the cost effectiveness of a rebuild. After receiving the units for
    rebuilding, a testing process is performed to determine the functionality of all units. The results of the
    tests are provided the customer with a final cost confirmation for a rebuilt unit.

    Once the failure mode is determined, the bad components are replaced. This is followed by a
    resoldering of the circuit boards to eliminate any intermittent connections. The units are then fully
    functionally tested. This is followed by coating each circuit board with a special insulating lacquer to
    to protect the boards and components from moisture. The unit's enclosure is cleaned and restored to
    its original appearance without sandblasting or non-standard painting. The rebuilt unit also retains the
    original part number.

    If requested, the customer is then informed of the actual failure, what has caused it, and how it can
    be prevented in the future. Frequently, the rebuilding process includes a modification of the design to
    prevent future failures. This may include replacement of some components with components which
    have higher ratings. The rebuilt units are generally more reliable than new units, as a result of this.

    The completed units are then properly packaged to prevent shipping damage. Finally, the units are
    shipped via a carrier based on the customer requests, such as ground, second day, or next day.
    Technical support is available for answering any questions once the rebuilt unit is received by the

    Special Orders

    Systems Consulting provides special order parts rebuilding such as; instrument clusters, speed
    relays, fuel pump relays, fan speed controllers, central warning/informer units, glow-plug relays,
    and other units upon request for BMW, Mercedes Benz & Porsche. Also, various control units
    from many other foreign and domestic vehicles can be rebuilt upon request, e.g. Jaguar, Ferrari,
    Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, & Volkswagen.

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