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    Systems Consulting provides a pre-purchase technical support to help our customers determine the
    appropriate control unit for the application if the original unit lacks a part number. In addition to this,
    Technical Support can assist the customer in performing a basic trouble-shooting analysis to localize
    tha problem and determine whether the control unit needs replacement. Questions such as voltage and
    and resistance measurements can be provided, as can the control unit pin-outs. Systems Consulting
    can also test the original unit for its functionality prior to its replacement.


    Technical Support can provide technical assistance once the purchased control unit is received by the
    customer. This may include determining if the proper input voltages are present and whether the
    sensors are functioning properly. If the need arises, technical support can help troubleshoot for proper
    control unit functioning. Technical support is provided free of charge to customers of Systems
    Consulting products.

    Contacting Us

    Technical support is available from 6:00AM to 10:00AM PST Monday thru Friday by telephone.
    Technical support questions can also be emailed to Systems Consulting. The email response will be
    returned within 24hrs.












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